Saturday, December 15, 2007

Fantastic Dee-Jays (1966)

You all might know that the Fantastic Dee-Jays from McKeesport/Pennsylvania later transformed into the legendary Swamp Rats. Their one and only album from 1966 contains their great version of "Fight Fire", the strong self compositions "Get Away Girl" and "Love Is Tuff" as well as competent covers of "What A Shame" and "What You're Doing". "Apache" on the other hand sounds like it was taped at their first practice session. The other stuff is in the beat/garage style. The sound is pretty crude but this shouldn't scare you away. The tracks were taken from the reissue on EVA records (EVA 12028 / 1984).

- Fight fire
- Get away girl
- Shy girl
- Mr. Sad
- Two tymes two
- Apache
- You're the one
- What a shame
- What you're doing
- Love is tuff
- Just a boy
- This love of ours

Dick Newton (gtr, vlcs) [AB]
Denny Nicholson (gtr, vcls) [AB]
Tom Junecko (drms) [A]
Bob Hocko (drms, vcls) [B]

Band origin:
McKeesport (Pennsylvania/US)

1. (B) The Fantastic Dee-Jays (Stone 4003) 1966

1. Apache/This Love Of Ours (Sherry 309) 1965
2. Love Is Tuff/Two Tymes Two (Fleetwood 1096) 1965
3. You're The One/Two Tymes Two (Red Fox 102) 1965
4. Fight Fire/Get Away Girl (Tri Power 421) 1966
5. Love Is So Tuff/Just A Boy (Stone 044) 1968

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Get Away Girl


Pep Sonic said...

I love this record friend. The originals are highly valued. I have a limited edition (1996) from Millennia label; 30th anniversary re-issue. Thanks for this.

Buffalo Billycan said...

It would be interesting to know if the cd-release sounds better than THIS one.

Anonymous said...

Thankx. A record hard to fine. Fight Fire is great.

Pep Sonic said...

The Millennia edition I have is in vinyl. I do not know if this record is released on CD.

Buffalo Billycan said...

Well, the Acid Archives list also a CD from the same company. I thought that you have owned this release.

Pep Sonic said...

Hi another buffalo billycan, didn't know it was also published in cd. In the vynil edition I have, the order of the songs is different to the one in EVA's album. Also there's a song left, "Apache" (or one not needed in EVA's, he, he, he). I have not ever seen an original.


Anonymous said...

Este disco no es una obra maestra de garage, pero es raro y dificil de conseguir. Thank you.

HEYJACKS said...

Hey, I have this album and I just played it tonight on my turntable.
Then I decided to google FANTASTIC DEEJAYS. Even though I live close to McKeesport, PA I never knew of this group. The album sounded great and is in NEAR MINT condition as is the cover. Any offers to buy it out there?

Anonymous said...

@ heyjacks
How much did you get for it? I would have paid a 4-digit figure amount ...

Anonymous said...

I have not yet sold my Near Mint 1960s The Fantastic Dee-Jays vinyl album. If anyone is interested in it, let me know. Thanks, HEYJACKS

Anonymous said...

Just to let everyone know.. The copies you are ALL talking about are bootlegs.. Terry Lee never re released any of his stuff.. Thank You

Anonymous said...

Awesome group.
Thank you very much for sharing this diamond!

DJ Taminator said...

I bought this album at National Record Mart in Greensburgh, PA back in the late '60s and still have it. I also have a rerelease that I bought that was made in France. That one may be a bootleg. I used to love listening to Terry Lee on WMCK back in those days. He would always play "Fight Fire" and "Love Is Tuff". Then the airwaves would light up with the Swamp Rats. I dig them out every once in a while and crank up the volume. I remember seeing them on WIIC tv when TL hosted a PGH version of American Bandstand called Come Alive. Ah, I miss those days............