Monday, December 10, 2007

The Cleves - Cleves (1971)

This is by request. Although The Cleves' album was highly rated by some and sought after, I do not feel much comfortable with progressive music and this one doesn't make an exception. But the two bonus tracks are pretty good pop with hints of psychedelia. I think other people are happier with them than I am. The band was originally from New Zealand and relocated at Sydney. This reissue was released on Vicious Sloth Collectables (Vicious Sloth Collectables VSC009 / 1998).

- Work out
- There is a place
- Keep trying
- Time has come
- Summertime
- Wait for a moment
- For a time
- Waterfall

[Bonus tracks]
- You and me
- Music from Michael

Gaye Brown (bs, vcls, organ) [ABC]
Graham Brown (drms) [AB]
Ron Brown (gtr) [ABC]
Milton Lane (bs) [A]
Rob Aitkin (bs) [BC]
Ace Follington (drms) [C]
Vince Melouney (gtr) [C]

Band origin:
Sydney (New South Wales/Australia)

1. (A) Cleves (Festival/Infinity SFL 934031) 1971

1. Tintookies 2000 (The Push Theme)/Endings Happy
   (Marionette PRS 2189) 1968
2. Sticks And Stones/Don't Turn Your Back
   (Festival FK 3306) 1969
3. You And Me/Cassie (Festival FK 3489) 1970

1. (A) A Taste Of Energy (Infinity MX-36307) 1970
2. (A) Music From Michael (Infinity INX-11736) 1971

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to Wait For A Moment


Anonymous said...

Hello my dear buffalo billycan, thank so much for posting this stuff, I liked it I'm looking for a group called Koala self-titled.

see you soon.

Buffalo Billycan said...

I should have written it into my profile. I won't upload anything that's (to my knowledge) still available from various sellers. This one had recently a reissue on the Fallout label. If you can't afford it or it's out of print, take a look at the following links from other blogs. There you will find the download link.

Anonymous said...

Hello Buffalo Billycan, Koala was a great band, unfortunately, they only released this album. Thank you for the links the first is available, the second one has been deleated.

See ya.

mrmoodles said...

hello buffalo billycan, first i like to thank you for all the great music!! i also have a request there's a bootleg cd of "Maurice Gibbs" early solo tracks called "Hold her in your Hand" that has much better quality than "the loner" cd that i heard!! the songs sound like the early Bee Gees!! Great Stuff!!! take Care Laurie

gyula said...

Hi Buffalo Billycan, first of all, I like your blog, thanks a lot. Lotsa good interesting stuff you got here. But the Cleaves lp is one of the best from that Austral area. Try to listen it one more time...Its fresh, opened, innocent. They're all together. But have to listen them, not just picking.
Bests, Gyula

Anonymous said...

I was wondering whether or not you knew if the Vince Melouney in the band The Cleves is the same guy from the original Bee Gees?


Buffalo Billycan said...

He surely is. On his own website ( you can find more information when and in which group he was a member of.