Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Magic Bubble (1970)

This one's by request. Don't expect psychedelic music here. The album is comprised of late sixties heavy rock, but in a good way (even it's not my favourite music). The best songs to my ears are the melancholic opener "I'm Alive" and the heavy psych-rock stomper "Whiskey Fire". The band was from Hamilton (Ontario).

- I'm Alive
- Whiskey Fire
- If I Should Ever Love Again
- Changes
- Cry Cry
- Circles
- Sunshine Man
- Back To Toronto
- Me & Mr. Hohner
- Summertime

Frank Rondell (vcls)
Rita Rondell (vcls)
Wade Brown (gtr)
Brian Kirkwood (bs)
Paul Benton (organ, piano)
Sonny J. Milne (drms, perc)

Band origin:
Hamilton (Ontario/Canada)

1. Magic Bubble (Columbia 90038) 1970

1. I'm Alive/Sunshine Man (Columbia C4-2980) 1970
2. Whiskey Fire/Circles (Columbia C4-3004) 1971
3. Who Turned The World Around/Ohio And Sun
   (Columbia C4-3030) 1971

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Whiskey Fire


Anonymous said...

Thanks friend, much appreciated! Congratulations for this fantastic site.

Anonymous said...

Monster blog. Thanks for the links and great job with the artwork. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Hi billycan, great blog. Rare records in this place!!! I like. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

cool, thanks.
the singer rita chiarelli, went on to be very well known and respected on the canadian blues (rock)scene in the 70's and still sings like crazy.

Anonymous said...

i played bass in the Magic Bubble after Brian..recorded We need Love to survive(Colombia) with Rita at Thunder Sound in TO..still searchin' for a copy;)

Wayne King