Sunday, December 2, 2007

Salloom, Sinclair & The Mother Bear (1968)

Not really one of my favourite albums, so let's see what "Fuzz, Acid & Flowers" says:
"Originally from Texas, Roger Salloom and Robin Sinclair moved to Chicago to take a part on the local Blues scene. The first album, which is a very minor collectors' item, was recorded there in 1968 for the Chess subsidiary Cadet Concept. The killer cut is a drug song called She Kicked Me Out Of The House Last Night (After This One). It features freaked-out vocals, a full organ sound and some good psychedelic guitar work. Salloom wrote seven of the eight tracks, the last one Griffin being authored by Robin Sinclair, a powerful female singer."

As far as I know this one hasn't been reissued.


- Be born again

- Conversations with gentility
- Steals
- Griffin
- She kicked me out of the house after this one
- Florida Blues

- Sitting on a finger

- Marie La Peau

Robin Sinclair (vcls) [AB]
Roger Salloom (vcls, gtr) [AB]
Tom Davis (lead gtr) [A]
John Bolling (bs) [A]
Dick Orvis (piano) [A]
Phil Montgomery (drms) [A]

Band origin:
San Francisco (California/US)

1. (A) Salloom, Sinclair & The Mother Bear
       (Cadet Concept 316) 1968
2. (B) Salloom-Sinclair (Cadet Concept 327) 1969

1. Sleep/Animal (Cadet Concept 7024) 1968

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to She Kicked Me Out Of Her House After This One


Anonymous said...

I bought this lp very cheap 10-12 years ago. I thought i was the only one who liked this record.

Anonymous said...

I've loved this LP since I found it in the Czech Republic of all places several years ago. Griffin is my favorite song.

RavenAndy said...

I bought this LP when it was still fairly new. I've been able to hold on to it after all these years. My favorite, though, is "Marie La Peau" which is the reason/incentive I had to get out the old LP and burn it onto CD.

Jim Parrett said...

I loved Marie La Peau when this was released. What a great song. I played the grooves out of it. Wish I could find it now.

Jahel said...

thx fot this great album:
Label: Cadet Concept

Born and raised in Worcester, Massachusetts, the mid-60s found Roger Salloom attending Indiana University. Originally a literature major, like half of the under-20 population, 1968 found Salloom living in San Francisco, determined to make it as a musician. In San Francisco he teamed up with singer Robin Sinclair and the band The Mother Bear (bassist John Bolling, lead guitarist Tom Davis, drummer Phil Montgomery and keyboardist Dick Orvis).

As Salloom, Sinclair and the Mother Bear, the group quickly became staples on the city’s club circuit, opening for a wide range of acts at The Avalon, The Carousal and The Fillmore West. The resulting publicity caught the attention of Chess Records which was interested in entering the rock market. The first rock band signed by Chess’ rock-oriented Cadet Concept subsidiary, in July 1968 the band went into Ter Mar Studios with producers Marshall Chess and Abner Spector.

So what’s “Salloom, Sinclair and the Mother Bear” like? Well, the first time we listened to it the set didn’t make much of an impression. Luckily we gave it a couple of follow on spins, allowing the LP to display some of it’s subtle charms. Largely penned by Salloom and Sinclair, tracks such as “Be Born Again” recall The Jefferson Airplane, had Grace Slick and Paul Kantner had a long-term interest in the blues.

Both Salloom and Sinclair had decent voices, though the Sinclair was occasionally screechy (check out the Yoko Ono-ish howls on the extended freak out “She Kicked Me Out of the House After This One”), while Salloom’s penchant for talking his way through lyrically pompous songs (“Conversation with Gentility”) was an acquired taste. At least to our ears, the band are at their best when downplaying the philosophical commentary and simply rocking out “Steals”. “Griffin” and the bluesy instrumental “Florida Blues”. (Bad Cat)