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V.A. - Collecting Peppermint Clouds Vol. 1

This compilation was relased in 1999 on the Technicolor Dream label (Technicolor Dream Records 001). It's mainly psychedelic-pop on the menu (and NOT that stupid Toytown-Pop that some labels/dealers want to sell you as psychedelic), and if you're a fan of that music you won't be disappointed. One word to the Beloved Ones: they used this name for UK releases and for the US they have chosen the name Arch Of Triumph. In fact they were teenage classmates at the American School of Paris and better known in France as Les Irresistibles. My favourite is the Whatt Four track "Dandelion Wine".

01. Fourmyula - I Know Why
taken from the single
I Know Why/It's Only Make Believe (HMV HR 335) 1968

Personnel: Martin Hope (lead gtr, vcls) [ABC], Wayne Mason (gtr, organ, vcls) [AB], Chris Parry (drms) [ABC], Ali Richardson (bs, vcls) [ABC], Carl Evenson (lead vcls) [BC], Paul Pryde (gtr, organ) [C].
Band origin:
Upper Hutt (New Zealand)
02. Los Yorks - Mi Mente En Ti [When My Mind Is Not Live]
taken from the single
Mi Mente En Ti/Insignia (Virrey V 3334 F) 1970

Personnel incl.: Pablo Luna Mansilla (vcls), Roman Palacios (lead gtr), Walter Paz (rhythm gtr), Jesus Vilchez (bs), Robert Aguilar (drms).
Band origin:
Lima (Peru)
03. Philwit & Pegasus - The Elephants Song
taken from the single
The Elephants Song/Pseudo Phoney Mixed Up Croney
(Chapter One CH 137) 1970

Personnel/Musicians: John Carter (vcls), Peter Lee Stirling (vcls), Roger Greenaway (vcls), Guy Fletcher (vcls), Chas Mills (vcls), Martin Kershaw (gtr), Joe Moretti (gtr), Chis Bedding [aka Spedding] (gtr), Roger McKew (gtr), Clem Cattini (drms), Rex Bennett (drms), Terry Cox (drms), Randy Jones (drms), Les Hurdle (bs), Adrian Cros (piano, organ), Mark Wirtz (production).
Band origin:
London (UK)
04. Twilights - Comin' On Down
taken from the single
Tell Me Goodbye/Comin' On Down (Columbia DO-8448) 1968

Personnel: Paddy [Clem] McCartney (vcls) [ABC], Glen Shorrock (vcls) [ABC], Mike Sykes (vcls) [A], Frank Barnard (drms) [B], Peter Brideoake (gtr) [BC], Terry Britten (gtr) [BC], John Bywaters (gtr) [BC], Laurie Pryor (drms) [C].
Band origin:
Adelaide (South Australia/Australia)
05. Lighthouse - Little Kind Words
taken from the single
One Fine Morning/Little Kind Words (GRT 1230-10) 1971

Personnel incl.: Dick Armin (cello), Ralph Cole (gtr), Don Dinovo (violin), Paul Hoffert (keyb'ds, vibes), Keith Jollimore (sax, flute), Bob McBride (vcls), Peter Pantaluk (trumpet), Skip Prokop (drms), Howard Shore (sax, flute), Larry Smith (trombone), Louis Yackniw (bs), Victor Cauvin.
Band origin:
Toronto (Ontario/Canada)
06. Young Idea - Mr. Loving Luggage Man
taken from the single
Mister Lovin' Luggage Man/Room With A View (Columbia DB 8284) 1967

Personnel: Tony Cox (piano, gtr, vcls), Douglas MacCrae-Brown (gtr, vcls).
Band origin:
London (UK)
07. Whatt Four - Dandelion Wine
taken from the single
Dandelion Wine/You're Wishin' I Was Someone Else (Mercury 72716) 1967

Personnel: John Langdon (lead gtr), Tom Bitters (gtr), Greg Sanders (bs, vcls), Tom Ference (drms).
Band origin:
Riverside (California/US)
08. Rotary Connection - Paper Castle
taken from the single
Paper Castle/Teach Me How To Fly (Cadet 7007) 1968

Personnel incl.: Bobby Simms (vcls), Judy Hauff (vcls), Minnie Riperton (vcls), Mitch Aliota (vcls), Sidney Barnes (vcls), Tommy Vincent (vcls).
Band origin:
Chicago (Illinois/US)
09. Angel Pavement - Green Mello Hill
taken from the single
Baby You've Gotta Stay/Green Mello Hill (Fontana TF 1059) 1969

Personnel: Clive "Alfie" Shepherd (lead gtr) [ABC], Graham Harris (bs) [ABC], Mike Candler (drms) [ABC], Paul Smith (lead vcls) [ABC], Dave Smith (gtr) [A], John Cartwright (gtr, trumpet) [C].
Band origin:
York (Yorkshire/UK)
10. Neil MacArthur - She's Not There
taken from the single
She's Not There/World Of Glass (Deram DM 225) 1969

Personnel: Neal MacArthur [aka Colin Blunstone].
Band origin:
Hatfield (Hertfordshire)
11. Beloved Ones - My Year Is A Day
taken from the single
My Year Is A Day/She And I (Date 2-1618) 1968

Personnel: Jim McMains (lead vcls, keyb'ds, gtr), Tom Arena (lead gtr), Steve McMains (bs), Andy Cornelius (drms).
Band origin:
Paris (France)
12. Vipers - Town Of Tuxley
taken from the single
Looky Looky/Town Of Tuxley (Basart BB 641) 1970

Personnel: Guido De Ley (lead vcls), Geert De Vuyst (gtr), George Bracke (bs), Marc Malyster (organ, vcls), Maarten Geerts (drms, vcls).
Band origin:
Ghent (Belgium)
13. Angel Pavement - Baby You've Gotta Stay
see Track 9
14. Living Daylights - I'm Real
taken from the single
Let's Live For Today/I'm Real (Philips BF 1561) 1967

Personnel: Curt Cresswell (gtr), Garth Watt-Roy (gtr, vcls), Norman Watt-Roy (bs, vcls), Roy Heather (drms).
Band origin:
Newcastle (Tyne and Wear)

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Whatt Four: Dandelion Wine

Listen to Neil MacArthur: She's Not There


Anonymous said...

Say it ain't so! "Stupid Toytown-Pop." I love Toytown. I agree that most of it ain't psychedelic, but still. Anyway, good comp here.

Buffalo Billycan said...

OK, I never say it again (from now on I just think it) (-:

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog today. Lots of great stuff! I haven't seen this comp before. Thanks!

Sébastien Desrosiers said...

Greatest selection of obscure psych comp around! Thanks so much for this pleasant visit!!! Excellent selection!

Drop by Patrimoine PQ for some rare psych/garage stuff from Quebec (Canada). BTW at this rate, maybe you'll be posting the "Piccadilly Sunshine" serie soon? One could only hope! ; p

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks a lot for your great job, and for posting this compilation.Extremely interesting.
Your blog is great , and i am happy that some peoples as you could be nice enough to make such nice "place" .
Thanks again.
Noel from Belgium.

Niall said...

I have Vol's 2&3 if your unable to unearth them...sure you posted them in the past....great to have you back again !!