Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Firebeats, Inc. (1967)

This Norwegian group from Oslo were working predominately as studio musicians for EMI. Despite its year release this is pretty much of a beat affair (and NOT somewhat of a freakbeat classic as in "Scented Gardens Of The Mind" stated). Only the doomy "Goodbye To This World" and the unusual "This Rain" differ from the other songs. But if you have an ear for early Kinks (like I do) you will be pleased with this album, that was reissued on Orange Doubledome (Orange Doubledome NCLP 5) in 2000.

- Don't throw stones
- Why have I that feeling
- Let me tell you
- Little girl
- Goodbye to this world
- More and more each day
- It's no matter how I try
- Trying to make you see
- I can't find nobody
- Baby, go on home
- Hemmeling agent
- Don't believe them
- Jack the ripper
- Alone again
- Funny things
- I never knew the sun could shine so brightly at night
- This rain
- The girl that I depend on
- Crying
- I didn't know

Yngve Bjerke (vcls, gtr) [ABCDE]
Øystein Bråthen (gtr) [ABCD]
Jan Arild Rikdal (bs) [A]
Bjørn Løkkeberg (drms) [AB]
Walter Bjerke (bs) [BCDE]
Aage Mjøs (drms) [C]
Arild Hansen (drms) [DE]
Ole Petter Engebretsen (hrmnca) [D]
Bjørn Borg (gtr) [E]

Band origin:
Oslo (Norway)

1. (E) Firebeats Inc. (HMV NCLP 5) 1967

1. Don't Throw Stones/Why Have I That Feeling
   (HMV AL 6125) 1964
2. Let Me Tell You/Little Girl (HMV AL 6132) 1965
3. Hemmelig Agent/Vi Skal Ikke Klage (HMV AL 6136) 1966
4. Alone Again/Trying To Make You See (HMV AL 6141) 1966
5. Oh, Carol/Be My Baby (HMV AL 6156) 1968

[1.+2. as Firebeats]

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to I Can't Find Nobody


Pep Sonic said...

Really fantastic garage beat from Norw. I love this music. Thankx a lot.

Anonymous said...

One of the best beat groups of the 60's in continental Europe. Really sure. Thanks. Great blog.

pompel said...

This is great.Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this!